LYA’s spectrum and auctions practice began in the mid-1990’s. It covers a range of activities from the development of spectrum strategy and spectrum valuation to auction platforms and auction management tools to conducting the sale of spectrum on behalf of clients.

LYA’s expertise is at the forefront of auction formats including combinatorial clock auctions (CCA), simultaneous multiple round auctions and the new clock format of the US Incentive auction.

LYA helps its clients address the Strategic C’s that are critical to successful spectrum strategies and successful spectrum award processes. These include:

  • Understanding the spectrum needs to meet the demand of the end customers
  • Analysing the overall competitive environment, including carriers and other stakeholders, as well as
  • Reviewing capabilities and resources in the industry, leading to
  • Assessing the costs, opportunities and risks associated with competitive spectrum awards.

LYA’s core spectrum and auction activities include:

  • Spectrum strategy, valuation and license applications,
  • LYA Auction Platforms, for any type of auction format,
  • Assessment of the benefits of various auction formats and rules and recommendations for auction rules,
  • Mock auctions, bidding workshops and simulations,
  • LYA Auction Management Tools,
  • Regulator and bidder training,
  • Support for secondary market spectrum transactions, as well as
  • Selling or acquiring spectrum licenses on behalf of licensees

LYA releases publications and commentaries on pertinent matters and developments related to spectrum and auctions. Please click above on “Publications” or “c-Ahead Spectrum News” to find out more.

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